Wish List

As a non-profit theatre we rely on the generosity of our community to help us produce the best work possible!

The following "Wish List" contains items that are needed by our technical crew and administrative office.

We are seeking donations of these items or discounted rates.

If you can help or know of someone who can help us obtain these items please contact, info@penobscottheatre.org

1. Vehicle. We're constantly on the move. Whether it's traveling to schools or picking up our traveling actors, we need reliable transportation.

2. Industrial Vacuum

3. Box Truck. We need to move large items. Even if it's just a loaner, we need access to a big box truck or moving van.

4. Housing with private bedrooms and kitchen access: Our out-of-state actors need a safe place to stay.

5. Flat screen TV: Help us catch up to the 21st century! We need a display TV to help promote our upcoming events in our lobby.

6. Sand: We need more SAND for our sandbags. We're looking for 400lbs of PLAY SAND.

7. Laundry Hamper

8. Rolling or standing DOLLY

9. Picture Frames: We have lots of great pictures and show posters we’d like to display. 11x17 is preferred.

10. Lumber. We build all of our own sets at PTC so we're constantly looking for lumber.

11. Bean Bag Chairs: So they went out of style. We still need them for our Dramatic Academy performances.

12. Wire Feed Welder - Metal frames mean bigger, stronger sets that last longer.

13. Bench Mount Cut Off Saw or Band Saw - Cutting pipe and box steel by hand is ugly and inefficient. Maybe you have an old one lying around your shop?

14. Label Maker- Maybe you got one for Christmas and never use it.

15. Emergency Roadside Kit: Jumper cables, etc. Sometimes we leave the lights on and the AAA people know me by name now. Please help.

16.Climbing Rope (preferably black) - All that stuff in the air gets there the hard way, and sometimes we need to get there the hard way too.