In March of this year, Theatres all over the country had to shut their doors and dim the lights.  Penobscot Theatre Company was no different.  We were just about to open the Maine Premier of Daryl Fazio’s Safety Net when the curtain came down for the remainder of our 19/20 season.  

We’ve been careful with our budgets and prudent with our business management.  We’re trying to keep our PTC family of performing artists, scenic designers, light designers, scenic builders, costume designers, costume construction, graphic designers and administrative assets employed and creating art in Maine.

Your donations are a vital part of our continued success. You are the hero that we’ve been holding out for – A donation at any level is a huge help.   We’re gearing up for our 20/21 season and with your help we can:

*Deliver high quality productions 

*Provide a rich training ground for young artists and provide educational experiences for thousands of students in Maine and beyond.

*Build a web of relationships between fellow businesses and non-profit organizations.

*Maintain the historic Bangor Opera House.  

*Contribute approximately $3M annually to the region’s economy.  

* Employ over 150 local and national artists each season 

* Maintain our position as an Anchor of Downtown Bangor and the region.

* Be a distinctive destination for tourists, professionals, families from all 16 counties in Maine and beyond 


Financial Gifts – These gifts are used for our general operations, arts education, scholarships, sets, lights and costumes.  

Centennial Patron – We’re seeking 100 private individuals or families to become Centennial Patrons by donating $1,000 or more in honor of the Bangor Opera House’s 100th Anniversary. CLICK HERE

Legacy Gifts – Did you know that ticket sales do not cover the cost of our shows? Leave a legacy gift to ensure the future of great theatre and  educational programming for generations to come. Whether it’s cash, a gift of stock, gently used items, a bequest in your Will, or a charitable distribution from your IRA, it’s only through YOUR generous donations that we can survive!

We invite you to join our Legacy Society by donating to Penobscot Theatre Company in one of the following ways:


All it takes is a quick call to your estate planner or lawyer to ask him or her to include Penobscot Theatre Company in your Will. You can specify a dollar amount, or just leave a percentage of your estate. Please let us know that you have included us in your Will so we can express our appreciation for your gift!

       Qualified Charitable Distribution from an IRA

Have you reached the time when you must begin to take distributions from your IRA? Did you know that you can make a distribution directly to a charitable organization from your IRA and it will no longer be considered ordinary taxable income to you? Talk about a win-win! Talk to your tax professional or financial advisor about this efficient and effective method of giving.

       Transfer of Stock

We are happy to receive your gift of stock or other marketable securities. They can be transferred directly to Penobscot Theatre Company using the following stock transfer document. Because we are a not-for-profit organization, there may be tax benefits with your gift of shares!

       Beneficiary Designation

You can name Penobscot Theatre Company as a beneficiary of stocks, property, insurance policies, your IRA, or your 401k. There may even be tax benefits to doing so. Talk to your financial advisor or account custodian about how to name beneficiaries on your account.

To make a Legacy Gift, please contact Jen Shepard, Managing Director, at or call (207) 947-6618 ext 102.  


A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.  ~ Joseph Campbell


We are a registered 501(c)(3) and will be happy to provide you with documentation for your tax records.  Donors who give over $100 annually will be listed in our printed playbills.