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BIRTHDAY CANDLES by Noah Haidle          September 19 – October 6, 2024

A moment, a lifetime, a cake, a universe.

On her seventeenth birthday, Ernestine Ashworth yearns for an extraordinary life.  In a flash, she’s 18, then 40, then 73 and with the passing of each year her dreams and her aspirations are transformed by the shifting tides of her changing world. Over the course of 84 birthdays, we experience the impossible, heartbreaking, joyful wonder of what makes up a life. 

“Precisely why people go to the theater” – Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune



CHRISTMAS CAROL adapted by Lavina Jadhwani            Nov 29 – Dec 22

A Scrooge.  A ghost.  A goose.  Some hope for mankind.

A PTC holiday classic. Ebeneezer Scrooge lives a solitary, miserly life collecting debts and shunning his fellow men. One cold Christmas Eve, he is visited by four remarkable spirits who reveal his past, present, and future in the hopes of reigniting  some love for his fellow man.  With music, dance, Dickensian charm and theatrical spectacle, this holiday treat will delight the entire family and warm the heart of us all.  

a remarkable breath of fresh air which takes the story to new, beautiful, and more authentic heights.” – Broadway World



DIAL M FOR MURDER by Jefferey Hatcher       January 30 – February 23

An affair.  A plot.  A murder.  The perfect crime. 

A new adaptation of the Hitchcock classic.  Convinced that his wife is having an affair, a  jealous husband hatches a sinister plot to get rid of his wife, frame his rival, and set himself up for life.  When things don’t go as planned, all three are ensnared in a tightening web of suspicion, lies and murder.  Who can be trusted when your very survival is at stake?  This masterpiece of suspense will have you on the edge of your seat till the final thrilling moment.  

The New York Times calls Dial M for Murder “a cat-and-mouse waiting game, with enough twists and sudden hitches to keep the chills and thrills running.” 


MATINICUS: A Lighthouse Play by Jenny Connell Davis   March 20 – April 6

A girl. A rock. A storm. A light in the dark. 

Life is hard enough for a bright and independent 13 year old girl in1853, but when Abbie’s father moves the family to Matinicus Rock to tend the lighthouse, it becomes much worse.  With a desperately harsh winter and a growing storm, Abbie’s courage and resolve will be tested in ways she never could have imagined.  Inspired by the true story of Maine folk heroine Abigail Burgess, this is a story of community, isolation, and resilience in the face of forces far greater than ourselves.

“this tale of humor and heroism highlights how far some will go to keep their lights shining, and demonstrates how small actions can make a big difference. “ -Show Report


MOTHER RUSSIA by Lauren Yee    May 1-18, 2024

2 spies.  A Pop Star.  Glasnost.  Respect your mother. 

When the iron curtain falls, what’s next? In the spring of 1992, Communism has fallen and brought a crush of Capitalism to the former Soviet Union.  Two hapless Russian comrades find themselves in dead-end jobs, part of a mistaken-identity love triangle, and pursued by the jealous leader of the KGB.  As the situation tumbles out of control, they are soon left completely, hilariously dumbfounded by a whole new world full of choices.  

“This writer displays a distinctive, keen-edged wit, a quirky and capacious imagination and a fresh, millennial vision…”-Seattle Times


THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW by Richard O’Brien      June 12-July 13, 2025

A Storm.  An Experiment.  A dance.  The Doctor is in.

A long awaited return of this cult classic.  On a stormy night, the newly engaged Brad and Janet find themselves out of gas and on the doorstep of one Dr Frank-N-Furter.  They could never imagine the night in store, with a cast of creepily alluring characters who will test their boundaries, take their innocence and teach them to do The Time Warp.