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On May 14 we held our first Giving Day. We were overwhelmed by the support and response from donors and supports of PTC like you, and we couldn’t wait to share the final reporting of the fundraiser! Thank you for making PTC’s Giving Day a HUGE success!

We received 246 Donations of those donations 195 were 1st time Donors.

Challenges Completed & Matched

✅Good Neighbor
✅DA Class Time
✅Happy Hour
✅House Open

Day Long Matching Opportunities

✅50 for 50 – 55 donations of $50
✅46 Donations made in Honor of PTC Ensemble Members Past & Present
✅93 Donations made in Honor of PTC Board of Directors

Total Donations – $33,500

The PTC Board of Directors (listed below) and Paul Chaiken were kind enough to donate the full matching amount! While the money raised helps considerably to alleviate our deficit, we still have a ways to go. If you appreciate the work of PTC in the community, the best thing you can do is come on as a subscriber and/or buy tickets to Little Shop of Horrors. Thanks to ALL who donated and we hope to see you at the theater!

With Matching Funds – We raised $75,500 – Thank you to ALL who donated!

PTC Board of Directors
Sundance Campbell, President
Ben Johnson, Vice President
Dave Barrett, Treasurer
Kathryn Olmsted, Secretary
Briedgette Chalila • Jocelyn Cogen • Ellen Conway • Kate Dickerson • Lisa Frazell • Beth Hagerty • Margo Lukens • Anthony Pellegrini • Jillian Sarnacki-Wood • Bethany Stough • Dave Shove • Tim Stout • Gloria Vollmers • Jonathan Wood • Dominick Varney