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Penobscot Theatre Company’s Dramatic Academy presents Squatch, World Premiere of new play by Travis Baker, Zane Baker & Isaac Miller

BANGOR, ME— Penobscot Theatre Company, the country’s northeastern most regional, professional theatre company, is pleased to announce their Dramatic Academy’s production of Squatch, the World Premiere of a new play by Travis Baker, Zane Baker & Isaac Miller. Performed at the Historic Bangor Opera House, Squatch will run from November 1-3.

Isaac and Zane are ten years old but have been best friends since before kindergarten. Standing in Isaac’s backyard, which also happens to be the edge of the Maine woods, the boys are preparing to set out on an adventure of epic proportions. They are each carrying packs loaded with the essentials: cameras, flashlights, water, and apples. Lots of apples. Because any Squatch hunter worth their salt knows how much Bigfoot loves apples. Armed with the preeminent guidebook for tracking a Squatch and enough cheese puffs to sustain them on their journey, the search for the elusive Sasquatch begins.

Travis Baker is the author of One Blue Tarp and Hair Frenzy, which both premiered on the PTC stage. Baker, a transplant to Maine, has an affinity for the people, landscapes, and quirky traditions of his adopted home. For Squatch, Baker shares writing credits with his son, Zane Baker, and Zane’s real-life best friend, Isaac Miller. Audiences will love watching this charming and funny Maine-based story unfold.

Featured in this fall’s production of Squatch are students who range in age from 4-14. The cast, pictured here with the playwrights, includes Sylas Absalom, Rocki Ballato, Austin Beaulieu, Luka Bogolyubov, Kallyn Brown, Emma Dryer-Neiman, Lilly Elliott, Lilly Fish, Parker Freese, Eric Graebert, Ruthie Graebert, Ellie Gudroe, Jaxon Hanscom, James Jennings, Derrick Johnson, Maia Johnson, Kaia McKunes, Paige Olmstead, Spyros Poulopoulos, Monika Vijay, Sage Wheeler, Blue Winters, and Jackson Woodworth. Squatch will be directed by Ben Layman, Assistant Director is Dan Hanchrow, and the production is stage managed by Rachael Bechtel.

Education Director Ben Layman said, “It is always such a treat to watch the progression of a play from the perspective of children. Their willingness to take risks and really put themselves out there is a constant reminder of why we focus so heavily on this kind of programming.” Layman went on, “They’re not just gaining theatrical skills, they’re gaining skills they can use in real life. Communication, conflict resolution, commitment. And finding the humor. Kids are always good at finding the humor.”

Penobscot Theatre Company’s Dramatic Academy serves hundreds of area schoolchildren every year. Programming includes five sessions each year that culminate in fully realized performances of full-length plays. During their class time, students are given instruction in stage movement, improvisational techniques, character development, and scene study. Dramatic Academy also offers Junior and Young Adult Performance Conservatories, in addition to adult improv programming.

Dramatic Academy’s production of Squatch will play November 1st and 2nd at 5pm, and November 3rd at 11am. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students. Tickets may be purchased online at penobscottheatre.org or through the box office at 131 Main St. by calling 207-942-3333.

Squatch is produced with the generous support of The Fisher Family Charitable Foundation and the C. Walder Parke Family Foundation.