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Ready, Set, Go!

ImprovAcadia & PTC Collaboration

Have Set? Will Improvise! Why let a perfectly good set sit empty? ImprovAcadia and Penobscot Theatre Company join forces to improvise 6 unique new plays. During the run of each Mainstage show, ImprovAcadia will improvise a new story inspired by your suggestions and the existing set. Who knows what hijinks will ensue? No one, not even the performers!

“Ready, Set, Go!” is billed as a family show. This is, oddly enough, its greatest asset. Mainstream improv is leaning more and more into profanity as a source of cheap humor; it’s not clear why a string of f-bombs can still get a laugh from audiences (shouldn’t the novelty have worn off by now?) but that was never going to work at PTC.”

–The Maine Edge

Photography by Bill Kuykendall