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by Samuel D Hunter

In a dying town, in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, two young men toil away in the stockroom of a big box store, stocking shelves, making jokes, and complaining about management. They cling to the hope of a beautiful future while navigating a deeply uncertain present. Playwright Samuel D. Hunter captures, perfectly, these lives of quiet desperation who yearn for a better life and a place to call home.

Directed by

Jonathan Berry

Run Time

90 Minutes



131 Main Street
Bangor, Maine

Morgan Stanley


Stage Manager

Reed Davis*

Scenic/Props Design

Chez Cherry


Bill Kuykendall

Costume Design

Alexis Foster

Lighting Design

Tony Gerow

Sound Design

Neil E Graham

Intimacy Director

Angela Bonacasa

* denotes a member of Actor’s Equity Association