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Shakespeare in Schools

Class Description
Shakespeare in Schools is designed to bring Shakespeare into classrooms as a performance activity. Students will learn about translating Shakspeare, the history of his plays and the skills needed to successfully perform them. Class can end with a short performance of monologues and scenes from Shakespeare for the school community.

Daily Class Plan Example
Theater game warm ups 10 Minutes
Read Shakespeare scene(s) for the day. Discussing language choice, connection to the larger play and historical significance. 20 Minutes
Adding blocking, movement and vocal choices into the scene either in a large group or smaller scene partners. 20 Minutes
Perform scenes for one another deciding which scenes to expand upon for final performance. 10 Minutes

If desired, the class session can conclude with a performance, which can be open to the school community. Performance would include multiple scenes/monologues from a variety of Shakespeare’s plays.

Curriculum Goals

Hard Skills
Confidence in Public Speaking – Students will practice public speaking through rehearsed lines and more confidence communicating with their fellow performers and director.
Literacy – Students will understand different language and word choices in Shakespearian plays as well as the building blocks of prose vs. verse.
Memorization – Students will practice their memorization for both their physical movement and lines/vocal choices.
Following Directions – Students will be expected to follow directions given by the teacher in order to successfully tell the story on stage.
Story Structure – Students will gain a better understanding of how a story structure functions and how to communicate it to the audience.
Vocal Projection – Students will explore how the volume and intensity of their voice tells a story on stage.

Soft Skills
Confidence in Choices – As actors, students will need to make choices about how their character speaks, moves and interacts with other characters in order to continue the story.
Teamwork – In order to successfully tell the story, students will need to work with their fellow performers both in their own choices and supporting the choices of others.
Creative Thinking & Imagination – Students will need to use their imagination in order to create the atmosphere of their play as well as how to modernize settings of Shakespeare
Focus – Students will practice their ability to stay focused and in character throughout the performance as well as stay relatively focused during class time.
Self Expression – Students will use their own interpretations to create and perform on stage.
Self Confidence – Creative thinking and expression can increase a student’s self confidence and sense of self worth.

Appropriate Grades: Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades

Class Maximum & Minimum: 6 min/15 max

Times/Dates Available: 6 week session, meets twice a week

Length of Class: 60 minutes

Class Fee: This class has a $100 fee per student. There are scholarships available.


6 week session | Twice a week


60 Minutes


5th - 8th