This Week at PTC

Ghost Hunting in Bangor, ME

Beginning October 8

  Join “Haunt enthusiast” Ben Layman as he tours the specter-laden Bangor Opera House bringing to light the spirits and history of this historic building in Bangor Maine. Destructive fires,…

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The Glitch Witch

October 11 - November 1

A magical mystery musical, created and performed by Brittany Parker. Wyn comes from a long line of powerful witches…but can’t seem to harness the magic herself. Her spells fall flat,…

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Ghost Postcards from Maine

October 15 - November 8

Commissioned by PTC, five Maine playwright/novelists pen original tales from Vacationland’s most shuddersome ghost towns. Turn off the lights. Turn up the volume. And get creeped out. An Audio Experience….

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