The Glitch Witch

October 11 - November 1

A magical mystery musical, created and performed by Brittany Parker. Wyn comes from a long line of powerful witches…but can’t seem to harness the magic herself. Her spells fall flat, her potions bubble out of control, and she can’t even get her broom to sweep — let alone fly in the air! She would much rather spend her time shredding on electric guitar or playing with her cat, Tabby. But when a dark force threatens to steal all of the light from New England, Wyn must enlist help to save the day! Streamed performance.



A unique link just for you that grants you admission to a pre-recorded performance uploaded to Vimeo. This link can be accessed at any time of day and as many times as you want within the release period. (Upon ticket purchase, you will receive a Vimeo link that will be active 24/7 for the duration of the production’s run )