The Dog Operas

Series begins March 2

Finally, something appropriate for ALL members of your household. Made for and by dogs, The Barker of Seville and two other short “pupperas” are the perfect offering for all theatre lovers and their loyal companions. Come for the cuteness and stay for the reimagined tails of love and heartbreak, done with heart and hilarity. Cats are also welcome… we guess. Streamed

The Pupperas

The Barker of Seville: March 2nd

Count Almaviva is in love with Rosina.  Rosina is held captive and is being forced to marry Barktolo, a very controlling alpha dog.  The Count admires her beauty and wants to rescue her, yet he doesn’t know how.  While he watches, Rosina sings of how she wishes to be free.  She is lonely and wishes that a nice dog will come and save her.  As the Count watches Rosina, Figaro, the Barker of Seville, comes running to his aid.  Figaro and the Count talk about how to save the damsel in distress, and Figaro comes up with a plan.  He will bark a lot and distract Barktolo so they can get Rosina out and marry the dog of her dreams, the Count.

Figaro and the Count enter the house, the Count tells Rosinna he will save her with Figaro’s assistance.  Figaro distracts the Count by barking and asking Barktolo if he hears the doorbell (a sure distraction for a dog!).  Barktolo runs to the door. Figaro, Count, and Rosina escape by window.  Barktolo realizes that he’s been in the wrong and is no longer the alpha dog in this situation. The Count and Rosina are married (and leash free), and Figaro is celebrated.  There is much love all around, as there is nothing that compares to the love of a dog.

Tosca the Ball: April 6th

It is the day before the Best in Show ball catching contest.  Tosca, the reigning champion (and diva dog) has lost her ball.  Scarpia, who wants the title of Best in Show, has stolen it.  Angelotti steals it back!  Scarpia sniffs out said thief who stole the ball and runs into Caradoggi, Tosca’s dog lover.  They discuss how excited they both are for the Best in Show contest.  Scarpia believes he will win – Caradoggi believes Tosca will win (if only she can find her ball!).  Caradoggi goes on and on about how wonderful Tosca is and Caradoggi decides that he will make Tosca his so he can be Best in Show.

Tosca calls for Caradoggi and wants him to find her ball.  They sing about their love for each other and how she is top dog. Scarpia approaches Tosca and woos her.  He tells Tosca that she can do so much better than Caradoggi and she should be with him.  He will make sure she is ALWAYS the Best in Show.  What shall she do?  All characters serve as a Greek chorus to build the suspense.

As Scarpia is enjoying his kibble, he makes his plan to bring the ball to Tosca so he wins her over.  Angelotti hears of this and can’t believe what an evil dog Scarpia is!  Caradoggi tells Tosca that he must leave her and go on a brave quest to find her ball.  Scarpia arrives, stating that Tosca should go with him, and if she does, Caradoggi will not get hurt.  Tosca does not trust what he says and laments about what sadness all of this has caused her.  Scarpia tries to steal Tosca away and she bites him (don’t ever make a diva mad)!

Dawn.  The day of the Best in Show.  A Shepard Cat tells Caradoggi that it is a dewy morning and to greet the new day. Caravadoggi is on his way back to his beloved Tosca without the ball.  He knows he’ll be in the doghouse and couldn’t be more depressed.  Tosca comes to him and explains what happened with Scarpia.  She loves Caradoggi, not that evil dog!  Ah, puppy love!

Angelotti, who has had the ball in safekeeping the whole time, gets Caradoggi’s attention.  Caradoggi runs off, distracted, and gets the ball from Angelotti, the real unsung hero of the story.  Tosca laments (again) that Caradoggi is gone – GONE!  Fret not, Caradoggi runs to Tosca with her lost ball.  She catches the ball in the air and she is again, the BEST IN SHOW.

Dog Giovanni: May 4th

Leoporello, a servant, complains that night and day, he works and works, with nothing to show for it.  He dreams of being like his Master, Dog Giovanni, the attractive playdog who gets the lady dogs to fall at his paws whenever he wants.  Oh, to be like him and not have to serve anymore!  Meanwhile, Dog Giovanni pursues Dogga Anna by breaking into her doghouse to woo her.  She is upset and he playfully argues with her. Dogga Anna’s father, the Commandatore, tries to defend his daughter and is killed.  Dogga Anna mourns her father and pledges to avenge his death.

Dogga Elvira is seeking the dog that betrayed her: Dog Giovanni.  Leoporello encounters her and explains that she isn’t the only dog his Master has been seeing.  He tells Dogga Elvira all about Giovanni’s conquests in Maine. She is shocked to hear of how he gets around!  One thousand and three dogs just in Bangor?  This must be stopped!

While Dogga Elvira and Leoporello discuss, Dog Giovanni is with yet another dog, Zerlina.  Zerlina, a peasant, is engaged.  Dog Giovanni is so smooth, her tail gets in a twist and she can’t help but fall for his seduction.  Suddenly, Dogga Elvira realizes who he is.  The scoundrel!

Dogga Anna, still very upset, continues to plan vengeance on Giovanni – he will not get away with this!  Happy and carefree, Dog Giovanni jovially brags about his conquests.  He is rich!  A celebrity!  He gets them at “ruff!”  He can do anything he wants and get away with it!

Dogga Anna, still on the hunt, joins with Dogga Elvira in solidarity.  Don Giovanni and Leoporello laugh as they think that they simply cannot be caught.  Zerlina, outraged with what has happened to her, shouts for help.  Dogga Anna and Dogga Elvira come to her aid. Together, they start a revolution to put an end to Dog Giovanni’s “fun.”

Don Giovanni and Leoporello stumble upon a statue of the Commandatore.  Suddenly, they see a strange, ghostly figure with a familiar voice (Commandatore!).  Leoporello is terrified.  Don Giovanni thinks this is humorous and jokingly invites it to dinner.  To both of their surprise, the Commandatore does arrive to dinner – as a ghost!  Commandatore demands that Dog Giovanni repent, otherwise, he will go to Dog Hell.  Leoporello quivers in fear, knowing that Dog Giovanni’s doom is upon them.  Dog Giovanni refuses and is consumed by the flames of hell.

Dogga Anna, Dogga Elvira, Zerlina, and Leoporello are joyous!  Revenge is complete!


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