Exceptions to Gravity

November 8 - 29

Avner Eisenberg in Exceptions to Gravity is a reminder of the theatrical power that can reside in a single charismatic performer who touches the heart. A master of the art of physical comedy, Avner weaves a spell of poetic simplicity in a show of hilarious predicaments. Avner has appeared on and off Broadway with his hit show Exceptions to Gravity. He played the endearing Holy Man, The Jewel, in the Michael Douglas film, The Jewel of the Nile, and performed as a ventriloquist on Broadway in Ghetto. His dummy was nominated for a Tony Award. Avner’s show defies the barriers of language and culture and has toured extensively in the US and abroad. Streamed

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“As we all struggle and innovate to adapt to the reality of the pandemic, I am thrilled to be included in Penobscot’s digital season. The footage of the show has been sitting on the shelf for some time as one of those Pa Kettle things. “I’m gonna’ have to fix that one of these days.” Starting in January engagements into the next year toppled like watching dominos fall. I established a minor presence on Zoom teaching clowning workshops and settled into a routine of walking the dogs, baking sourdough bread, and zooming a couple of hours a week. My spirits soared and my horizon opened when Bari Newport called to ask if there existed a video version of the show, Exceptions to Gravity, and if Penobscot Theatre could include it in a newly minted virtual theater season. I called my son, technical whiz and chief video editor. We dusted off the footage, had a good laugh putting it into shape for streaming, and shed a few tears for Julie, my late wife who along with Zev shot the show at a theater in Madrid. So, here it is! I am so pleased to share it with Penobscot’s audience. When the pandemic hit we were putting the final touches on a multi performance run over the New Years holiday. I hope to be with you all live and in person next year, but until then grab some popcorn and enjoy, Exceptions to Gravity.”

Best wishes,

Avner Eisenberg

Peaks Island




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