Let us quaran-tain You!

Welcome to our Intermission Entertainment!

Like so many of you, the staff and artists of PTC are finding the positives in this unique time. In times of stress, anxiety, or boredom from another game of “hide the toilet paper stash!” all of us rely on the arts for escape. Penobscot Theatre Company is beyond proud to have such a talented community of artists around the country who have submitted for YOUR “quarantainment” these brief escapes. We WILL be back…but until we are: enjoy!

The Sun WILL come out tomorrow. Until then, enjoy these balls of sunshine:


John Siedenberg and Christie Robinson present a musical representation of co-habitation with your significant other:


Dr. Ruth (presented through Jen Shepard) makes an announcement about her show:


Mamma Mia, here we go again with a throwback to last summer’s production with Heather Libby and  Michael Padgett:


Ira Kramer and Grace Livingston Kramer return to their roles from our production of Elf the Musical:


Mrs Wormwood (Christie Robinson) brings us her one-off cooking show:


Who needs “Masterclass” when you’ve got Brad Labree!


Brianne Beck can’t wait to tackle Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Tell Me on a Sunday” but until this she’s got Norma Desmond for us:



Dominick Varney and his friend Frank N. Furter are here to entertain us:


Danielle Kennedy send us some sunshine:


Brush up your Shakespeare with Jeri Misler:


Travis Baker (Playwright) gives us his mini-class: Playwrighting 101