Neil Graham – Sound Designer

Originally hired as an actor for a handful of shows at PTC starting in 2015, Neil has always been passionate about sound and its role as a storytelling tool and emotional trigger. Recently, when PTC launched “Digitus Theatrum”, Neil was tapped to create and design a good portion of the digital offerings including “Ghost Postcards from Maine” and “The Dog Operas”. He is also incredibly fortunate and appreciative of the opportunity to create and guide some of Dramatic Academy’s programming, like “Night of the Living Dead, The Radio Play”, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Monster Lab”. It is impossible to relate how truly rewarding those experiences have been, and will continue to be. It was through these and similar projects that Neil decided to allow his heart to dictate his path, and has since devoted all his creative energy to sound production and education. As a longtime commercial radio host and current host of a nationally syndicated Rock & Roll show, Neil looks forward to bringing his passion and experience as a musician, actor, and technician to shape what you, the audience hear; and thus, bolster what you see.