Covid Czar Says

Everyone has questions about Covid.  We can’t really answer those.

But! We can answer questions about how Covid has affected the theatre.

Here’s what the Covid Czar says…..


Is Penobscot Theatre Company closed?

No!  We might not be performing in front of live audiences but we are still creating art while simultaneously working to physically improve our operations at the Bangor Opera House and our scene shop at 14 Griffin Road. 


Is the Opera House open to the public?

We aren’t currently open to the public at the Bangor Opera House.  If you’d like to stop by, you can make an appointment by calling us at (207) 942-3333 or email us at  

We look forward to welcoming audiences back to the historic Bangor Opera House.  We hope this will happen in the Spring of 2021!


How can I see theatre?

We’re offering over 17 productions that are being streamed and performed live.  Check out our full season listing Here


How I can get involved?

While we can’t welcome audiences, ushers and other volunteers to the Bangor Opera House, you can still get involved.  You can subscribe, buy a single ticket, donate, become a Centennial Patron, tell people about the Penobscot Theatre Company and write your elected officials to encourage them to support the arts in Bangor through public funding.  

If you have special skills and you’d like to offer your services as a donation to The Penobscot Theatre Company, please email 

*We’re looking to have our copious historic slides turned into digital photos.

*We’re always working on the Bangor Opera House (which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year) so we’re always looking for skilled craftspeople to help us restore and maintain our beautiful home.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer, please become a subscriber or a donor.  


Is there another way I can support the Company?

The Penobscot Theater Company employs over 150 artists, has over 40,000 patrons that live in 16 counties and we make an economic impact of  $2.5 million on the region every year.   We do this through a combination fundraising, grant writing and ticket sales.  

This year with Covid-19 forcing theaters all over the world to close, we need financial support more than ever.   Please consider donating HERE No donation is too small and your donation is not only financial but it let us know that we have your support.  That you’re committed to the arts in the heart of Maine.


The Bangor Opera House turned 100 in 2020!  We are currently raising money in honor of the Bangor Opera House for the Centennial Patron program . For each person who contributes $1,000 or more, your name, (if you wish!), will be added to a beautiful bronze plaque that will be proudly displayed on the outside of the Bangor Opera House.  One plaque will be  the names and the other a plaque paying homage to the long ago Opera Houses of Bangor. 


Will we ever gather together again?  

Oh, my.  Yes!  This will not go on forever.  When it’s over we’ll be here and we can’t wait to see you at theatre!

Have a Question for the Covid Czar?  Send it to her at

For an inside look at what’s happening with the Company and the Opera House, please read our blog!