Summer 2019


The Fabulous 50’s!


Session:  June 24-21  and   July 29- August 18

Students 13-20 seeking in-depth, hands-on training in technical theatre can enroll in this program that runs concurrently with both sessions. Tech Track students will help create and construct scenic, costume, props, and lighting designs for our shows and share some classes with our performing students.

SESSION 1: $475     SESSION 2: $ 375



Bye Bye Birdie

Session:  June 24- July 21               Performances:   July 18-21

The year is 1958. Rock star Conrad Birdie is the biggest thing to top the music charts. But what happens when he arrives in small town Sweet Apple, Ohio? Can a town of squares survive its encounter with greaser bad boy Birdie? Featuring such classic songs as “Put on a Happy Face”, “Kids”, and “One Last Kiss”, Bye Bye Birdie is a Rock ‘N Roll extravaganza sure to ‘razz your berries and have you flipping your lid!

TINY THESPIANS(4-6)$350   YOUTH TROUPE(7-20)$550


Rebel Without A Cause

Session:  July 29- August 18         Performances:  August 15-18

After moving to a new town, trouble making teen Jim Stark is supposed to have a clean slate, although being the new kid in town brings its own problems. Based on the classic film starring James Dean and Natalie Wood, Rebel Without a Cause is both a touching Drama and an exciting exploration into the juvenile delinquent sub culture of the 1950s.

YOUTH TROUPE (14-20) $450



The Man From Planet 52

Session:  July 29- August 18         Performances:  August 15-18

When a spaceship containing an alien bounty hunter crashes in their town, can four regular kids help The Man from Planet 52 find and bring the evil Zontar to justice? Or will Zontar’s alien zombie army get the upper hand and take over Earth?! This show is a hilarious and campy love letter to the B-Movie phenomenon of the 1950’s

TINY THESPIANS (4-6) $300  YOUTH TROUPE (7-13) $450



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