Winter Classes

 Dramatic Academy Clubhouse! (Ages 4-12)

A fun and physical class of games designed especially for the Zoom format! DA Clubhouse with instructor Ben Layman will get you up, moving and have the creative juices flowing! Streaming live each week from the set of Mr. Ben’s Playhouse! 

January 19th-February 25th

Ages 4-7: Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30pm to 4pm       $125.00

Ages 8-12: Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 to 5:30          $250.00


Dramatic Academy Cabaret (Ages 12-18)

A musical theatre intensive. Students will have the opportunity to work with visiting artists Grace Livingston Kramer (PTC/Weathervane Theatre) and Joey Cullinane (The Joffrey Ballet) in crafting a student performed virtual cabaret. Along with building the show, students will be part of professionally led workshops in dance, acting through song and music theory. 

January 12th-March 4th

Tuesday and Thursday 4pm to 6pm           $450.00


Monster Lab (Ages 13 to 18)

Instructors Ben Layman and Neil Graham lead an innovative new class combining film appreciation, special effect makeup basics and performance. Students will explore classic monster films from the Universal era. Exploring the archetypes behind such iconic characters as Frankenstein and Dracula, students will create their own short performance piece. Students will participate in workshops focusing on film analysis, effects make up, and acting to finalize a fully designed short monologue for the camera.  

January 11th to March 5th

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4pm to 6pm       $575


For more information, please contact Ben Layman, Director of Education at 207-947-6618×107 or at