For Schools


This Season Dramatic Academy is Online!

All Classes to be presented over Zoom

There’s something for everyone this year in Dramatic Academy!


Zoom Boosters

Book one hour of customizable active ice-breakers for your class, designed to get your students up and moving and ready to learn!
$500 for a total of 60 minutes. (This time can be broken into several short time bursts to activate an entire day of virtual learning!)



Shake up your Shakespeare!

Studying the Bard? Need a creative way to charge your virtual lesson plan? Try our Shakespeare workshops! Whether it is Romeo and Juliet or Julius Caesar, our teaching artists will make exploring any play in Shakespeare’s cannon active and FUN!
60 minutes: $600
90 minutes: $700

Design your own!

Studying Dickens, Poe or Bronte? Whatever the author, our teaching artists are ready to bring the classics to life! Create your own immersive virtual workshop that turns your English class into a living time capsule.
60 minutes: $600
90 minutes $700

To book a residency contact Ben Layman, Director of Education: