Board of Directors

President: Jocelyn Cogen, business manager (retired)
Vice President: Coney Quinn, banker, Bangor Savings Bank
Secretary: Colette Sabbagh, physician
Treasurer: Kristen Perry, senior tax specialist, Berry Dunn

Dave Barrett, CPA and faculty, Maine Business School, University of Maine
Sandford Blitz, former federal official (retired)
Jenifer Butler, president, Deighan Wealth Advisors
Kevin Frazier, CFO, University of Maine Foundation
Fritz Oldenburg, physician (retired), angel investor
Donna Peirce, director of human resources, Bangor Housing Authority
Tony Pellegrini, attorney, Rudman Winchell
Rob Prybylo, engineer (retired)
Sharon Zolper, teacher (retired)

Producing Artistic Director: Bari Newport
Executive Director: John Hedges

The board of directors is responsible for the governance of the nonprofit corporation; including controlling and managing affairs, funds, and property; nominating, electing, and training new members of the board of directors; disbursing monies in fulfillment of the corporation’s mission; and hiring, supervising, and evaluating the producing artistic director and executive director.

Standing committees of the board of directors:

  • Executive
  • Governance
  • Finance
  • Development
  • Personnel
  • Facilities

Ad hoc committees of the board of directors:

  • Education
  • Marketing

If you have an interest in serving on a committee or submitting your resume for the board of directors, please contact:

Board of Directors
Penobscot Theatre Company
131 Main Street
Bangor, Maine 04401