Master Classes

A. Action in the Text

September 10

Shakespeare says “Suit the action to the word and the word to the action.” But how? Director and certified stage combat instructor Angela Bonacasa will help you identify what your character wants and how to get it!

B. Dance Audition 101

October 22

Dazzling multi-hyphenate Danielle Erin Rhodes, co-star of Murder for Two, will lead this active class on how to nail a dance call every time! Students should bring jazz, tap or character shoes if possible.

C. Movement and Performance

October 29

Jason Cohen, the second half of our Murder for Two duo, will help you engage your body in performance and tie action to intention through the Laban technique. Take your character development to the next level!

D. Musical Theatre Choreography

December 3

Accomplished director and choreographer Allison Bibicoff, who has worked on Broadway (Xanadu) and in the regions, will share her knowledge of captivating choreography in this dynamic class!

E. Audition Boot Camp

January 21

Make sure your monologue stands out at your next audition by attending this intensive workshop. Producing Artistic Director Bari Newport will help you polish your pieces until they shine!

F. Dramatic Design

February 4

Twin designers Moirah and Isabel Curley-Clay, recently profiled in American Theatre magazine, will unlock the magic of scenic and costume design and describe their unique collaboration. Meet this wildly creative team!

G. Spontaneous Song

February 11

Make up a musical! Larrance Fingerhut, musical director of Lumberjacks in Love and owner of ImprovAcadia, will teach you to sing by the seat of your pants in this rollicking class!

H. Dive into Directing

March 18

This practical master-class will explore directing tips and techniques for anyone from directors with some experience to veterans. Papermaker director Dan Burson leads you to explore creativity, actor relationships, and more!

I. Acting Through Improvisation

March 25

What does it mean for an actor to be “in the moment”? Jen Shepard, actor and owner of ImprovAcadia, will show you how to use improvisation to bring life to written text!

J. Bringing Yourself to Your Character

April 29

Nationally recognized Actor/Director Michael Marotta leads this intensive investigation on how to share  role with honesty on stage!

Price: $25/class or $200 for the series

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