After School

Find yourself at the theatre!

Penobscot Theatre Company offers three sessions of after-school classes throughout the academic year, led by experienced industry professionals. Each session culminates in a final production. Enroll in individual sessions or save by registering for all three!

Download the 2018-19 Dramatic Academy brochure here.

Full rehearsals: Mon-Thu, 3:30-6:30 pm, during performance weeks.


A Wrinkle in Time

by Morgan Gould, adapted from the novel by Madeline L’Engle

One of literature’s most enduring young heroines, Meg Murry, is back — braces, stubbornness and all. Once again, she’s joining forces with Mrs Whatsit, Charles Wallace, Calvin O’Keefe and more to battle the forces of evil so she can rescue her father, save humanity and find herself. In the end, we know two things for sure: 1. Love CAN overcome evil and 2. There IS such a thing as a tesseract.

Program: Sep 11 – Nov 1  •  Performances: Nov 2-4

Tiny Thespians (ages 4-6): Tue & Thu 3:30-4:30 pm/$250

Youth Troupe (ages 7-15): Tue & Thu 4:30-6:30 pm/$425


Anne of Green Gables

Dramatized by Joseph Robinette

A delightful adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s classic tale of the indomitable, imaginative, red haired heroine, Anne Shirley. All the tragedies and triumphs that mark Anne’s growth from adolescence to early adulthood are here: her friendship with Diana, her feuds with Gilbert, her adoration of Matthew, the cake disaster, and the saving of Green Gables. Whether you’re an “old friend” of Anne’s or meeting her for the first time, this play will solidify a lasting friendship between you and one of literature’s most unforgettable characters. That’s Anne with an e, by the by…

Program: Jan 8 – Mar 21  •  Performances: Mar 22-24

Tiny Thespians (ages 4-6): Tue, Thu 3:30-4:30 pm/$300

Youth Troupe (ages 7-15): Tue, Thu 4:30-6:30 pm/$500


Treasure Island

by Max Bush, adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson

Young Jim Hawkins’ adventure begins when Billy Bones arrives at the Admiral Benbow Inn with a secret map to the treasure of a pirate named Flint. The map winds up in Jim’s hands and he embarks on a high-seas adventure with Doctor Livesay, Squire Trelawney and his new friend…a fine, upstanding fellow who goes by the name of Long John Silver. When Silver turns treacherous and Jim’s ship is threatened, it’s up to Jim to save the ship & his shipmates, not to mention the treasure!

Program: Mar 26 – May 16  •  Performances: May 17 – 19

Tiny Thespians (ages 4-6): Tue & Thu 3:30-4:30 pm/$250

Youth Troupe (ages 7-15): Tue & Thu 4:30-6:30 pm/$425

After-school Series Savings

Tiny Thespian Series: $742 for all three sessions
Youth Troupe Series: $1305 for all three sessions

A nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the total cost is due at the time of registration.

A series payment plan and a limited number of need-based scholarships are available. Email for details or call 207-947-6618, ext. 107.