Adult Improv

Let our master improv instructors help you sharpen your skills to achieve new heights on stage, in your workplace, and in your day-to-day interactions. The program is tiered as follows. Open to adults and teens with the permission of the instructor.

Improv I

Perfect for performers and non-performers, this course offers a fun and interactive introduction to the basic building blocks of improvisational theatre.

Sept 12 – Oct 31: Wed 7-9 pm

$250/class, $675/series

Improv II

This course builds on basic improvisational techniques, applying them in short-form improv and advanced scene work. Prerequisite: Level I or permission of instructor.

Jan 9 – Feb 27: Wed 7-9 pm

$250/class, $675/series

Improv III

This course focuses on advanced characterization in improvisation. Prerequisite: Level II or permission of instructor.

Mar 13 – May 1: Wed 7-9 pm

$250/series, $675/series