Be a Season Subscriber

Exclusive subscriber benefits

  • Save $ on your tickets
  • $5 off additional Tier 1 ticket purchases to regular mainstage productions
  • Bring a friend who’s new to PTC by receiving one FREE ticket when you come to a mainstage show!
  • Advance notification of special events and first dibs on seats for the holiday & summer blockbuster shows!
  • See it again for FREE (subject to availability.)



Types of Subscriptions

Premier Package: (All 5 Mainstage Shows)

This package gives you the reassurance of uniformity. Choose Your DateYour seats and enjoy them all season long.

Snowbird Package: (Early bird: 1st, 4th, and 5th Shows    Late bird: 1st, 2nd, and 5th shows)

Flying away for the winter? Keep the same seats and performance date, but skip out the winter months. Choose Your Date, Your seats and enjoy Three of our mainstage shows!

Flex-Pass:(4, 5, or 6 Shows)       REDEEM ONLINE!

The ultimate deal and the ultimate flexibility! Choose Your Package, then choose your dates, times, and seats at your leisure! (The Holiday show is included in this package).

Day-Pass: Come when you want, see it again and again!*

This subscription is for the audience member who likes to go on a whim and save! Reserve your seat 24 hours in advance of the performance and enjoy the show as many times as you wish!

*Tickets can only be reserved 24 hours in advance of curtain, seating subject to availability.